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Klinkerit tiles


"Klinkerit" tiles

"Klinkerit" - flexible handmade tiles made by industry professionals and specialists. The tiles are produced in Lithuania using German technology. Granite, marble dust and quartz Baltic sand are used in their production. The product is made of high-class quartz sand, acrylic resin and other anti-allergic, environmentally and human-friendly materials.

This product will give your home a unique, cozy and spectacular look. Klinkerit technology has been developed in line with the highest quality standards, making the tiles resistant to cold and heat. In addition, the tiles produced by professionally developed special technology, do not stain hands, clothes or irritate the skin.


An innovative product

It all started when Jonas Ambotas, the founder of JSC "Norvegijos Kontaktai", decided to offer an innovative product to the market - flexible tiles.

The aim was to create a product that was attractive to the market and a good value for the money. In cooperation with the researchers of Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology, the most suitable raw materials were researched and selected, and a team of specialists was assembled to successfully develop the product.


How it works?

"Creating or improving a product that is already on the market is not an easy challenge, but it is overcomable. The defended doctoral dissertation in the field of technological sciences allowed to turn the latest theoretical knowledge into practice and create a quality product, ” – says Marius Baltakys, the creator of flexible tiles.

Klinkerit was born after extensive research and testing. Flexible facade tiles have been developed that correspond in function and purpose to conventional facade tiles. The Klinkerit flexible facade tiles are a high quality product. Special adhesives and primers for these tiles have also been developed in parallel - their chemical composition is very similar to each other, so the adhesion effect is ideal.

How does it work? Gluing the flexible tiles is quite easy for anybody, the glue is laid on the surface with a comb, then the tiles are laid. The adhesive itself becomes a filler for the gaps between the tiles. The colors of the tiles and glue can be combined with each other in various ways as there is a multitude of color combinations. The company has currently developed many different color combinations that are not necessarily monochromatic.