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We build high-quality and realiable apartments in Kaunas.

Our newest project -

Du kolegos

Two new A+ energy class apartment buildings will soon rise in a convenient location of the city.

New apartments

Quality, ecology and comfort

All of our new apartments meet A++ class criteria. They are equipped with an advanced air-to-water heating technology, modern ventilation systems, all necessary communications and a finished tidy environment.

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JSC "Norvegijos Kontaktai" - more than 15 years of successful experience!

We started with small jobs, but the positive feedback from our clients and a promising team, lead us to start bigger and better projects, the list of projects keeps growing every year. Wanting to achieve the best result we put special attention in the quality of the apartments, we hire only the best qualfied specialists, pick more expensive materials and time proven technologies and methods.
At the moment we are building individual houses, cottages, low-rise and high-rise apartment buildings.

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Why choose our homes

Customer tailored

We plan and build our new projects taking into account the most popular and proven exterior and interior design and technical solutions. If you can't imagine living in an neighborhood of identical homes - we have an offer for those looking for quality, originality and comfort.

Different facades

One of the most liked features from our customers are the different facades of the houses, which give them a combination of playfulness, exclusivity and color. The variety of facade looks is created using unique handmade flexible "Klinkerit" tiles.

Klinkerit wall decoration

We use flexible Klinkerit tiles that are hand-made in Lithuania and come in various colors and combinations. They are made of natural and ecological materials. Klinkerit tiles are durable, lightweight, resistant to moisture, environmental influences, mold and fungus.

Exclusive designs

The apartments, cottages and houses of all our new constructions are characterized by tasteful architecture, where precisely thought-out environmental solutions, quality materials and equipment create an exceptional combination that will be appreciated by people looking for exclusivity and quality.

Layout and location

Convenient layout of apartments, safe and quiet place with a private garden - a great opportunity for a cozy and exclusive living space. For your convenience, we can offer brand new apartments and cottages with partial finishing or 100% completion.

Energy class

All of our new apartments comply with A++ energy efficiency class. We install an advanced air-to-water heating technology, modern ventilation systems and lay out all the necessary communication cables, finishing it with a tidy and clean environment.

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Du kolegos