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Our newest project -

Antagynės namai

Newly built A + apartments in an exclusive location - in Žemieji Kaniūkai, right next to Lake Lampėdis.


Kaunas – 23 houses, 46 cottages;

„Antagynės houses“

Newly built flats for sale, cottages surrounded by nature and forests. The quiet, cozy and safe environment is surrounded by a green forest and the lake Lampėdis is reachable by a walking distance. Quick and easy access to the city center and the old town. Everything an active city person needs today. Come and feel the coziness of Antagynė's houses for yourself.

Butai pardavimui Kaune

Kaunas, Šilainiai – 33 houses, 66 cottages;

„Šilojus houses“

Completely newly developed A+ class apartment and cottage block. Newly formed community, new neighborhood. Also an eye-catching view of the house facades. And everything for you - for people who value the exceptional. Flats for sale: city amenities, Šilainiai market, supermarkets, preschools and schools - everything can be reached in a few minutes.

New apartments in Kaunas

Norvegijos kontaktai – more than 15 years of experience

UAB "Norvegijos kontaktai" has been successful for over 15 years, during which more than 90 residential houses have been built and more than 200 cottages in Kaunas and Kaunas district. New construction apartments for sale.

We are a stable, promising and a responsible company for our work. We have a long-term, professional and motivated team. In search of the best solutions for our new construction projects, we cooperate with various foreign and Lithuanian companies, as well as with our already implemented project communities. We create, work and build as if we were doing it for ourselves. High quality flats for sale! Many years of experience in construction work have allowed us to earn and maintain trust and a good reputation.

UAB "Norvegijos kontaktai" was founded in 2005. We started our business by providing unskilled and qualified staff services in Norway.

Flats for sale