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Our newest project -

Antagynės houses

Newly built A + apartments in an exclusive location - in Žemieji Kaniūkai, right next to Lake Lampėdis.


Separate residential block in Kaunas district – 16 individual houses;

„Pievų gėlės“

Many of us dream of our own house with a garage and a green yard, somewhere far away or maybe very close. The houses have sprouted like meadow flowers in a green field, ecological and economical, built for you with love and a wish for a beautiful life, cozy and a well-groomed home.


Kaunas – 11 houses, 50 cottages;

„Lubinų namai“

"Lubinų namai" is a block of low-rise houses built in Kaunas, Apartments in Kaunas, in the district of Romainiai. Lubinų street houses are intended for residents of any age who appreciate the cozy tranquility of the countryside and want to buy a modern, high-quality and stylish house.

The house complex "Lubinų namai" was built in two stages. The first stage - two house types: a four-room and a six-room. In the second phase, eight houses were built, the designs and layout of which were improved and adapted to the market, needs, design and other factors.


Kaunas district – 15 houses, 60 cottages;

„Saulėgrąžų“ apartment complex

A block of one-storey and two-storey houses, a large variety of apartments for your choice. Economical and warm accommodation apartments in Kaunas with a terrace or with a spacious balcony. Each apartment has 2 paved parking spaces.

Naujos statybos namai

Kaunas – 4 houses, 16 cottages;

"Kaimelės" street

Bright and economical housing for your family with a modern design. Two-storey houses with only two apartments, well-being tidied up and paved access.

Butai Kaune

Kaunas district – 5 houses, 10 cottages;

"Šviesos" street

Only 5, truly exclusive and spacious two-apartment houses with garages. Exclusive design spacious accommodation with large terraces and balconies. Interiors created by designers. This is an offer for people who value exclusivity.

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Apartments in Kaunas

Kaunas district – 20 houses, 40 cottages;

Romainiškiai district

Our first and most successful project, a whole street of spacious two-apartment houses with garages and a big field of land belonging to each apartment.

Apartments in Kaunas